CSIRO Biocatalysis Team


The CSIRO Biocatalysis & SynBio Team are a group of scientists at the CSIRO (Australia's national laboratories) who work on enzymes, synthetic biology and related technologies that have application in industrial biotechnology and environmental stewardship.  This website is not a CSIRO web site, nor does it reflect the views of CSIRO - it is a personal web site intended to communicate the great work that this team do on behalf of the CSIRO. 

Who are the CSIRO?

The CSIRO are Australia's national laboratories.  They are responsible for enabling technologies that most of us take for granted (e.g. WiFi).  The CSIRO is world leading in many areas of science and you can read all about them here...

What have the CSIRO ever done for us?

The CSIRO has done an enormous amount to benefit Australia and the world - you can read more about some of what the have achieved here...

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